Emma McGowan

Freelance Writer, Writing and Editing

Emma McGowan is a writer and editor.

Emma McGowan's Bio:

Emma McGowan is a veteran writer, editor, and SFSI-endorsed sex educator with nine years of experience and upwards of 1000 articles on her byline. Her main focuses are startups and sex but she covers a range of topics. Emma is a sex/relationships/dating writer at Bustle and a senior writer at Startups.com. Her work has appeared on Buzzfeed, Broadly, Bedsider, Mashable, The Daily Dot, Mic, and The Bold Italic, among others. She’s the Editor in Chief of the sex positive sexual health site Sexual + Being and the sex tech website Kink&Code. Emma McGowan also does freelance blogging and content editing for a startups. Past clients include MiKandi, Lystable, Tenta, and NatureCity. Topics covered include personal finance, wine, natural health, adult apps, online security, and sex toys, among others. If you’re looking for a reliable, great writer, she’s open to pitches. Emma is available for consultations on blogging, writing, editing, building your brand, copy editing, and how to successfully live the digital nomad life. She loves connecting with other writers and thinks that writer karma should be taken seriously — no writer would be anywhere without their networks. Additionally, Emma McGowan is a sex positive feminist whose hobbies include making patterns and sewing, connecting with other women, and reading at least three books a week. Emma speaks Spanish fluently and has lived in or traveled to Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua, Peru, San Francisco, Vermont, Japan, Bali, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand in the past five years. Her favorite places to live are Guatemala and Argentina and she hopes to never stop traveling. Portfolio here.. Follow her on Twitter @MissEmmaMcG.    

Emma McGowan's Experience:

  • Writer at Bedsider

    Creates engaging content related to sex education for young women.

  • Staff Writer at Startups.co

    -Implemented founder interview series, leading to hundreds of fascinating startup founder profiles. -Imagined, created, and delivered weekly columns, including the Hump Day How-To, focusing on internet dating, and the daily Killer Startup, providing exposure to up-and-coming companies. -Maintained and improved social media presence, especially on Twitter, with increased engagement among almost 13k followers.

  • Writer at Bustle

    -Pitches, writes, and formats engaging pieces about sex, sexuality, and sex positivity for a broad audience of hundreds of thousands of readers. -Identifies trending sex-related topics and produces related, original articles with a quick turn around time.

  • Writer, Editor at Kink&Code

    -Provides a platform for early stage online dating and sex/tech companies to reach a wider audience before mainstream blogs were willing to write about them. -Creates a female-friendly community with a strong focus on women in tech, feminism, sex/tech, and sex positivity. -Edits the work of young and emerging writers while mentoring them with the goal of reaching a larger audience.

  • Writer at RedMica, Inc.

    Write engaging articles about personal finance, with an aim toward the Millennial generation. (Also a little bit of light social media work.)

  • Community Manager at MADE

    MADE is a professional matchmaker that connects high end freelancers with the people who want to hire them.

  • Writer at NatureCity

    Writes daily article about what's going on in the natural health science world

  • Freelancer Writer at The Bold Italic

    -Delivered both long form pieces and quick blog posts exploring the Bay Area tech scene, the culture of the internet, and sex-positive feminist issues. -Led panels related to online dating and sex/tech. -Worked on tight deadlines, often delivering within three hours of accepted pitch. -Broke stories that went on to be featured in international news outlets, including 100DatesOfSummer.

  • Editor's Assistant at Bard College Sociology Department

    Edited the final version of Yuval Elmelech's book Transmitting Inequality: Wealth and the American Family

  • Writer at KillerStartups

    Emma writes and researches articles every day about what's hot in the internet startup scene. She's the go-to woman for great how-tos, interesting interviews, and a fun weekly column.

Emma McGowan's Education:

  • Bard College

    Concentration: Sociology
    Activities: costume shop

Emma McGowan's Interests & Activities:

writing, reading murder mysteries, vintage fashion, old cars, speaking Spanish with a mishmashed South American accent, sewing, decorating, looking at old stuff, museums, walking everywhere